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Stage 1

Skink in Tree

Living World: Eco-Spies

Time: Full Day           Location: Red Hill EEC  

Eco-spies explores the features of,and ways in which,living things grow and change. Students will develop an understanding of how living things depend on places in their environment to meet their needs.

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Camp fire

Physical World: Exploring Energy

Time: Full Day              Location: Red Hill EEC                

This unit explores light, movement, heat and sound and as common forms of energy and how this energy is created, sensed and used.  Students engage with a range of interactive, engaging and hands-on activities using their senses and scientific skills.  

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Old House and family

History: Yr 1, Past and Present - Family Life

Time: Full Day          Location: Red Hill EEC

This unit provides a study of present and past family life within the context of the students' own world.  It explores the changes to ‘the family’ over time.  

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Old telephone

History: Yr2, The Present in the Past - Technology Over Time

Time: Full day          Location: Red Hill EEC

This unit allows students to explore and experiencesthe changing technology over time - understand the history of significant technology that has withstood the changing times and those that have revolutionised our way of life.

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Students near creek

Science: Earth and Space - Wonderful Water

Time: Full Day        Location: Local Waterways

Students participate in fieldwork activities to observe and record the living things found in a riparian aquatic environment. They investigate how water is used in a variety of ways, and identify actions which could be taken to care for and use water sustainably.

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Students around map

Geography: People and Places

Time: Full Day          Location: Red Hill EEC

Students explore people’s connections with places, both locally and globally. Students engage with a range of authentic, interactive activities to develop an understanding of how and why people are connected to places.  Students explore the First Nations concept of Country and their special role in caring for it.

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Holterman Museum

History: How we learn about our Past

Time: Full Day          Location: Red Hill EEC

Students explore the question ‘What is History?’ and discuss how do we learn about it.  Students participate in an interactive illustration of relevant historical events by creating a visual timeline.

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Science: Living World - Minibeasts

Time: Full Day          Location: Red Hill EEC

This program explores the fascinating world of minibeasts! Students will learn about the features, adaptations, classification and habitats of these amazing animals through.

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Living World: Our Relationship with Living Things

Time: Full Day          Location: Red Hill EEC

 Students explore how we use and depend on the living things around us and how this relationship needs to be sustainable.  Students engage with a range of focus areas including honeybees, worms, alpacas, chickens and/or First Nations traditional uses.    

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