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Stage 5

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Make a difference (MAD) student forums

An active citizenship program targeted at Year 9 students, the forum builds student knowledge about the environment, while contributing to their capacity to be advocates for the environment. Based on the processes of the democratic parliamentary system of Australia, students research a 'Matter of Public Importance' and present a two minute address at a local forum, which includes other local schools. MAD culminates in an excursion to Sydney when all participants come together to present on a new 'Matter of Public Importance' relating to climate change at State Parliament on Macquarie Street. Students also have the opportunity for marine field work in Sydney Harbour at Chowder Bay.

Year 10 science and geography

By participating in a field trip to Ulan Coal Mine and the Goulburn River, students engage in research and collecting field data. Areas of content covered include ecology, geology of the region, site study of rehabilitation and regeneration areas, Aboriginal, European and Natural heritage conservation, pH, salinity and turbidity water testing, human impacts and management and relevant legislation.

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Dunn's Swamp challenge

The ‘Dunn's Swamp Challenge' is a one or two day excursion where students participate in team building activities, meant to strengthen leadership skills and enhance student relationships.  They will move around a course with the aid of a Global Positioning System (GPS), communicating via ultra high frequency radio. Problem solving and teamwork are emphasized throughout the challenge, namely, negotiating around a pre-determined course, administering first aid to team members in life simulating scenarios; building and implementing a viable, floating rescue craft out of polypipe and rope.

If participating in a 2 day excursion, camping, bush-cooking, bushwalking and canoeing activities are also experienced.  Students set up and pack up camp and experience bushwalking and canoeing expeditions.

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