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Early Stage 1

Lizard in a tree

ES1: Eco-Spies

Time: Full Day          Location: Red Hill EEC

Eco-spies explores the features of, and ways in which, living things grow and change.  Students will develop an understanding of how living things depend on places in their environment to meet their needs.

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ES1: Maths in Nature

Time: Full Day          Location: Red Hill EEC

Join Dinawan (Wiradjuri- emu) and her friends for a fun-filled day exploring mathematical concepts in nature and the outdoors!  Students participate in a range of outdoor activities, games and artmaking to consolidate their learning about position, two-dimensional shapes, numbers to twenty and patterns. 

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ES1: Our Relationship with Living Things

Time: Full Day          Location: Red Hill EEC

Humans are dependent on living things for food, fibre and our survival! This program explores how we use and depend on the living things around us and how this relationship needs to be sustainable. Students have the opportunity to engage with a range of focus areas including honeybees, worms, alpacas, chickens and/or First Nations traditional uses.

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