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Stage 6

See our Stage 6 programs.

Ancient history: Home Rule uncovered

A full day excursion to the site of the gold rush village of Home Rule. Students examine a range of primary and secondary sources, and participate in an archeological dig.

Geography: The Drip, Goulburn River

Suitable for preliminary or HSC studies, this field trip involves examination of the ecosystem at The Drip including transects, quadrats, using clinometers, water and soil testing, habitat health assessment, human impacts and management strategy evaluation. The impact of coal mining on the local environment, including social, economic, cultural as well as ecological is discussed.

Biology: Munghorn Gap field study day

Using the dry sclerophyll forest in the Munghorn Gap Nature Reserve, students conduct flora and fauna surveys. Activities include transects and quadrats, plant abundance surveys, plant adaptations, soil testing, using data loggers, light meters, clinometers and topographic maps.

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