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PDHPE/Science: Exploring Nature - Ganguddy Dunns Swamp

PDHPE/Science: Exploring and Enjoying the Natural Environment - Ganguddy Dunns Swamp

Program Location: Ganguddy Dunns Swamp, Wollemi NP

This unit allows students to focus on developing a strong sense of wellbeing as they experience their natural environment, undertaking challenging and enjoyable activities. They develop knowledge and understanding of a natural place, utilising a range of equipment whilst enhancing peer relationships that strengthen their problem-solving and collaboration skills.

PDHPE/Science Outcomes

  • PD2-10 demonstrates a range of interpersonal skills that build and enhance relationships and promote inclusion in various situations
  • PD3-9 applies and adapts self-management skills to interact respectfully with others to promote inclusion and build connections.
  • ST2-4LW-S compares features and characteristics of Living and non-living things
  • ST3-4LW-S examines how the environment affects the growth, survival and adaptation of living things

Key inquiry question/s

  • Why are empathy, inclusion and respect important in our relationships?
  • How are environments and living things interdependent?

Key syllabus outcomes

  • Identify roles, rights and responsibilities in different relationships
  • Predict and reflect on how other students might feel in a range of challenging situations and discuss what they can do to support them
  • Work in a group to achieve a set task or goal
  • Describe actions that support caring and respectful relationships
  • Describe how physical conditions affect the survival of living things